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The World eX Championship is the global esports racing series for electric experimental prototypes (eX). Nine professional teams are fighting for the ultimate goal: the world championship title and the #racingfortheclimate jackpot. But World eX is more than just esports racing: Our teams and drivers are promoting zero-emission mobility and clean energy. World eX mixes entertaining races with the latest news and trends for a better and cleaner future – via social media, live streaming, TV, our monthly newsletter, our partners and last but not least our stunning teams and drivers from the real und unreal worlds.

Grosjean, Kristensen, Senna and more

World eX is different. We've taken some elements from the most popular sport of the world, football. In the FIFA World Cup, the winner is decided in a knock-out format. We've got this for you in World eX, too: The World Championship is decided in the very last race, the Super Final.

In football, the coach is very much in the spotlight and sometimes gets even fired during a season. Our coaches are the Team Principals. And our Team Principals are quite special. We guess you've heard about Frank Biela, Romain Grosjean, Tom Kristensen, Patrick Long, Nico Müller, Alessio Picariello, Bruno Senna, Bruno Spengler and Vincent Vosse? At least you should as a motorsport enthusiast. This bunch of people is just breathtaking and we can hardly imagine anyone of them will be fired during the season like we are used to in football ...

Nine teams, one goal: the “Green Hell”

Nine professional teams have an exclusive license to compete in the World eX Championship: Absolute Racing (China), ACER VERO R8G (France), Biela Racing Team EURONICS (Germany), BS+COMPETITION (Germany), Esports Team WRT (Belgium), NIANCO esports (Switzerland), Patrick Long Esports (USA), TK9 E-SPeeD (Denmark) and Williams Esports (United Kingdom). Each team is connected to a climate preservation project and a presenting partner of one of the nine World eX events which will decide the World Championship. We are proud to be #racingfortheclimate from April through December in eight countries on three continents on some of the world's most iconic race tracks.

The format of each event, we call it eX Prix, is simple and straight forward: Free Practice, Qualifying, two Quarter Finals, one Semi Final and the Final which will see the fastest two drivers of each category (PRO and ESPORTS) go head-to-head in a two-lap shootout.

All cars reaching at least one final during the season will get a ticket for the Super Final – a 2-lap sprint on a place that can definitely match all stadiums of the world: the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. The pressure on the drivers will be to the max in the Super Final on December 20 – similar to a penalties shoot in the FIFA World Cup final.

Unique race format

The format of each event, we call it eX Prix, is simple and straight forward: free practice, qualifying, two quarter finals, one semi final and the final which will see the fastest two drivers of each category go head-to-head in a two-lap shootout which pitches the best PRO racer against the best ESPORTS driver of the day.

Sustainable beast: the all-electric eX ZERO

To get the World eX Championship going, we have created the world’s fastest virtual electric racing car on the rFactor 2 platform: the eX ZERO.’ ‘eX’ stands for ‘electric experimental’, ‘ZERO’ for zero emissions.  With 1,000 hp and 1,000 kilograms, the eX ZERO has a power-to-weight ratio of 1:1. Le Mans 24 Hours winner and DTM Champion Mike Rockenfeller was the mastermind behind the development of the eX ZERO, with real-world and esports racing drivers like Romain Grosjean and Devin Braune giving their input on the car’s physics. The aim was to create a car which is challenging to drive even for pros and allows spectacular racing.

The eX ZERO incorporates state-of-the-art electric drive technology, including a 1,000 kWh battery, a twin-motor layout, four-wheel drive, a two-gear transmission and a regen systems which increases the driving time. The car accelerates from 0 to 300 km/h in just 9.5 seconds and is able to reach a top speed of approx. 384 km/h with the lowest drag configuration.

Popular drivers from the real and virtual worlds

Each team is running two cars in the World eX Championship: one in the PRO class for real-world racing drivers like Romain Grosjean, Nico Müller, Lasse Sørensen or Beitske Visser, and one in the ESPORTS category for some of the world’s fastest virtual racers. Personalities like World Champion Martin Štefanko, Risto Kappet or Alen Tertic proofed to be very popular in Season 1.

New in 2022: We’ve combined the drivers’ and the teams’ classifications to a sole World Championship title. The cars will be scoring the points and the team winning the Super Final on the famous Nürburgring-Nordschleife will clinch the World Championship – including all their drivers and the Team Principal.

Two additional art cars for every eX Prix

Each eX Prix will see two additional cars on the grid: The presenting team has the right to run a total of four cars, two of them being ‘art cars’ with special liveries which may later be auctioned for a good cause. For the opening round at Silverstone, Williams Esports has opted to run their two additional eX ZERO cars in a blue livery inspired by the 2022 look of their Formula 1 cars.

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