Danish outfit TK9 E-SPeeD is the esports racing team of Le Mans record winner Tom Kristensen and his business partner Jan Würgler. The World eX Championship has been the first activity in esports racing for TK9 E-SPeeD and the team was formed in March 2021 just a few weeks before the start of the first World eX season. TK9 E-SPeeD surprised the esports racing world by winning the teams' title of World eX in its first season courtesy of your wins of their lead driver Lasse Sørensen who just missed the drivers' title in Season 1. "TK" stands for Tom Kristensen, "9" for the record nine Le Mans victories of Tom Kristensen.
Team Principal
Tom Kristensen
Team Manager
Jan Würgler
PRO Lead Driver
Lasse Sørensen
ESPORTS Lead Driver
Oskar Kristensen
Climate Preservation Project
Danish Dynamite
Little Viking