French outfit R8G Esports, founded by former Formula One driver and new IndyCar star Romain Grosjean, was the first team to commit to the new World eX Championship. Grosjean launched his own esports racing team in April 2020. In a very short time R8G has become one of the most successful and professional esports racing teams in the world, promoting young talent and also organizing many own races and competitions. Team Principal Romain Grosjean is an active esports racer himself, racing as often as possible in World eX. The team is running as ACER VERGO R8G in World eX, promoting the sustainability program of its partner Acer.
Team Principal
Romain Grosjean
Team Manager
Stéphane Koch
Climate Preservation Project
Acer Earthion
World eX race wins
Vero 8
Vero 88