Absolute Racing

Absolute Racing is exclusively representing China on the World eX grid. Fabien Fior’s and Ingo Matter’s outfit has become a motorsport powerhouse in Asia with several outlets in different parts of the world. The team has captured victories in every major “real world” GT and single seater racing series it has entered in Asia with prestigious brands including Audi, Bentley and Porsche. It has recently expanded its racing activities worldwide and is also aiming to reach the next level in the virtual racing world through a partnership with Inspeed Racing. Absolute Racing aims to find the fastest Chinese esports racers through World eX, combining it with the message of sustainability and zero-emission mobility.
Team Principal
Alessio Picariello
Team Manager
Sergio Fonseca
Climate Preservation Project
World eX race wins
Huáng chē
Hóng chē