Speakers and Interviews

The World eX Summit will focus on electric racing, esports racing, clean energy and digitalisation. The new industry meeting highlights the passionate and playful side of sustainable mobility. It shows what possibilities artificial intelligence can offer on aracetrack and how the future of motorsport will look in a society marked by the climate crisis.

A key element of the World eX Summit are the speakers. From 10 AM to 7 PM, high-profile personalities will speak about the latest developments and trends in the modern Clubhouse of BILSTER BERG and have the opportunity to meet many like-minded people from the industry.

10:00 CEST Thomas Voigt (Founder of RCCO, Co-Founder of World eX)

10:30 CEST Dr. Wolfgang Warnecke (Warnecke Mobility)

11:00 CEST Jörn Nitschmann (Head of Digital Transformation Unit Central Europe, FUJITSU)

11:30 CEST Thomas Laudenbach (Head of Porsche Motorsport) & Joshua Rogers (Porsche Coanda Esports Racing Team)

12:30 CEST Maurício Slaviero (Director ETCR)

13:30 CEST Dr. Sebastian Grams (Managing Director AudiSport GmbH)

14:00 CEST Serkan Yücebas (Gaming, Gamification & InCar Gaming @ Volkswagen)

14:30 CEST Darrell Smith (Test Driver, BRP-Rotax GmbH &Co KG) & Ellis Spiezia (Electric Racing Driver, Advocate & Ambassador for Electric Motorsport)

15:00 CEST Beth Georgiou (Co-Founder & Director ERA Championship)

15:30 CEST Armin Gittinger (Managing Director of the non-profit Formel 1 in der Schule gGmbH)

16:00 CEST Michael Wamser (Managing Director Cowana, ADAC SimRacing Expo)

16:30 CEST Philipp Schallenberg (Marketing & CentersRacing Fuel Academy AG)

17:00 CEST Andy Maassen (Founder of Sim Formula Europe)

17:30 CEST Marcel Offermans (Software Engineer, Game Developer)

18:00 CEST Morris Hebecker (Co-Founder / CEO at RENNSPORT)

18:30 CEST Mike Rockenfeller (Co-Founder World eX)