For Racers. From Racers. This is the motto of RENNSPORT – a complete new racing simulation with will be launched in the coming years. The startup from Munich has the aim to create the perfect racing game with the help of the esports racing community. Starting from scratch, using the latest technology. RENNSPORT wants to make the next step in virtual racing experiences.

Automotive and game development experts join forcesWe want to inspire with a bold combination of driving physics developed and validated by experts within the automotive industry and combined with custom Unreal Engine 5 graphics.‍‍

RENNSPORT has started a Roadshow having the vision to involve the key esports racing stakeholders early in developing the simulation and creating the future of virtual motorsport together.

We are proud that RENNSPORT will be part of the World eX Summit giving the visitors the possibility to test this new esports racing simulation at a very early stage.