Fujitsu AI Project

Fujitsu, one of the world’s largest IT corporations, is making race tracks safer with artificial intelligence. Test operation is underway at the Nürburgring, other track operators are interested.

The test operation in the Nürburgring “Green Hell” proves what the AI experts from Fujitsu predicted: “Artificial intelligence” can set new standards for safety in motorsport when monitoring race tracks. Wherever you go fast, accidents also happen quickly. To counteract this, HD cameras were installed in a partnership with the Nürburgring and artificial intelligence was implemented for monitoring. Digital images from the cameras along the track are analysed by a system installed by Fujitsu using intelligent software. This system helps track safety to detect accidents as early as possible and thus improve track safety on the Nordschleife. The artificial intelligence not only detects accidents, but also people on the track, for example. The system is programmed to detect deviations from normal driving. If, for example, a vehicle slips off the track into the gravel bed, the system detects this and sounds the alarm.

There are already many other interested parties for the Fujitsu system, which is being tested and successively expanded at the Nür­burg­ring – including the operators of the BILSTER BERG circuit.

Fujitsu will provide insights about their AI project with an own booth at the Clubhouse.