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#electrifyingbusiness – have a great day at BILSTER BERG!

Join us on August 13, 2022 at the inaugural World eX Summit for a day of #electrifyingbusiness at one of the world’s most exceptional racetracks: BILSTER BERG. Let's talk about electric racing, esports racing, clean energy and digitalisation. Meet trailblazers and interesting people. Catch the latest news and gossip or just have a great day at BILSTER BERG’s stunning Clubhouse. Find out what's happening at our all-new B2B event and get your personal tickets now.

Speakers and activities

Get your tickets now!

Tickets for the World eX Summit can now be ordered via Eventbrite. The Silver Ticket includes admission to the event, catering and a goodie bag for 149 EUR. Those who want to experience the BILSTER BERG alongside Frank Biela or Lasse Sørensen in the electric Audi RS e-tron GT race taxi from Scherer Sport need a Gold Ticket for 299 EUR. Get your tickets here.


The World eX Summit offers a first-hand experience at one of the world’s most exceptional and demanding racetracks: BILSTER BERG. Closed to the public, there are only view occasions to spend a day at the resort or even drive on the 4.2 kilometers long track with its 19 turns and 26 percent grade. The topography at BILSTER BERG is an ideal for creating extraordinary driving experiences, product launches, film or photo shoots and events. The owners have made the protection and preservation of the natural habitats around the BILSTER BERG a basic principle. In addition, the BILSTER BERG relies exclusively on 100% renewable energies – including the neighboring wind turbines – which make the electricity consumption climate neutral. Surrounded by breathtaking nature in the middle of the Teutoburg Forest, BILSTER BERG has excellent access to the most important arterial roads and airports. Find out more at the BILSTER BERG website or calculate your route to the location of the World eX Summit with Google Maps.

After arriving at BILSTER BERG, please follow the signs to "Clubhaus". The official parking for the World eX Summit is located at the "SUV/Offroad-Halle" at waking distance to the venue. The Race Track Experience with the electric Audi RS e-tron GT taxis will start in the paddock of the race track but you have to register first at the clubhouse. In case of any questions please send an email to summit@rcco.ag.

COVID-19 rules

3G (Vaccinated, recovered, tested – 3G) rules currently apply at the BILSTER BERG and also for the World eX Summit. The 3G rule is a regulation for preventive protection against infection through the presentation of a vaccination certificate or proof of recovery or proof of testing (not older than 24 hours). Each time you are entering the BILSTER BERG you have to show one of these documents.


The World eX Summit begins on Saturday, August 13, 2020 at 09:00 CEST. Saturday is full of activities at the BILSTER BERG Clubhouse and on the race track. These is the general schedule – please have a look under "Speakers and Activities" for more detailed information. The official language of the World eX Summit is English.

09:00 Official start of the World eX Summit, Gate opens, come-together at the Clubhouse
10:00 Official Welcome by the organizers at the Clubhouse
10:30–18:00 Keynotes and interviews at the Clubhouse throughout the whole day (each half and full hour)
11:00–17:00 Race Track Experience with the electric Audi RS e-tron GT (registration for Gold Ticket holders at the Clubhouse)
12:00 Start of #RCCO24 slot car endurance race at the Clubhouse
18:00–19:00 Photo and film shooting and demo laps of all electric cars on the race track
19:00 BBQ on the terrace of the Clubhouse
20:00 Live Music Act of "THE FLAMES" on the terrace of the Clubhouse
23:00 Official end of World eX Summit

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