Romain Grosjean: “Expect a heck of a show!”

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November 17, 2022

ACER VERO R8G is presenting the 2022 Indy eX Prix promoting Acer’s Earthion program on November 22 (live on motorsport.tv, YouTube and Twitch from 19:00 UTC). R8G is the esports racing team of IndyCar star Romain Grosjean who can’t wait to see his team competing at Indianapolis in Round 8 of the World eX Championship – an esports series for electric prototypes which aims to promote climate protection.

You’ve moved to Miami. How is living in America?

Life in the US, in Miami is great. It was a little bit too hot in the summer, but apart from that, life is great. The kids are very happy. I am happy. So, I’m just enjoying a break from IndyCar and doing a bit of sim racing.

Are you happy with your progress in IndyCar?

Yes. I think the season was quite interesting, not quite the result we wanted, but I think through the end of the season we made some really good progress with the car. I got it to a point where I felt comfortable with it on short ovals, on street courses and on road courses. So, I’m actually quite excited for the next season. I think we can have a very good baseline and we should be able to fight on the front of every race.

How much is racing in the US different from racing in Europe?

The racing in the US is pretty different from Europe. The mentality is quite different here. Everyone is happy to come to the race and even if you are 10, 20 laps down it doesn’t really matter. You just keep going, you keep racing. It’s kind of different in that aspect, a little bit more friendly, family oriented compared to Europe.

Have you done many esports racing in 2022?

Sadly not because of the busy season, the move and everything going on. I haven’t got much time to do sim racing, but hopefully I’ll be back behind the wheel very soon.

How are you seeing the progress and the future of esports racing in general?

I think esports racing is definitely in a really good place right now. It’s growing and there are more and more championships coming and more and more constructors coming in. I’m quite excited with the way it goes. After the pandemic, we had a bit of a time down, but now it’s coming back up. Every team is going more professional. Every team is getting better, there are more constructors getting involved. There are more and more professional championships coming. World eX is one, Le Mans Virtual is one, F1 Esports obviously. And the big game Gran Turismo. I’m pretty excited with all of that.

Are you happy with the development of your team R8G?

The team is doing really good. We’ve managed to secure some very good drivers. We’ve been competing at the highest level on a lot of platforms, so I’m very happy with all the progress for R8G Esports. I think our guys are doing very good in the World eX as well, they have been very competitive. They are always up there at the front, that’s really cool to see.

How important is Acer for your team?

Acer is our biggest partner since the beginning of the foundation of the team through Predator. They’ve been here for us since the beginning, they’ve have been giving us the top technology type of computer and support. Everything we need we’ve got, so we don’t have any excuse on the material side. We’ve got everything that we need to have to go fast and that’s exactly what you want from a partner like Acer.

Did you follow World eX this year?

Of course, I’ve been following the World eX! I follow every race for the team. Always behind, not saying much, but following everything.

How different is oval racing to road racing?

Oval racing is very different. It’s just like mountain biking and road biking. It is the same difference that you can find. Oval is very different, but I enjoy it a lot. At the beginning I was a bit skeptical. But now I just absolutely love it.

What can the fans expect from the Indy eX Prix presented by ACER VERO R8G?

The fans can expect a heck of a show. That Indianapolis 500 race track is an amazing racetrack. There is so much going on in the race. It’s not so much about how you are driving, it’s more about how you are thinking, your car balance and how you can use it to make sure that you make the move at the right place. You don’t want to necessarily lead the field. You want to be the one taking the slipstream for the end of the lap and getting it done. It’s going to be exciting. I can’t wait to watch it!

How important is sustainability and the message of racing for the climate for you?

I think the climate message is very important. The sustainability message is very important for all of us. We all have our duties. Obviously as a racecar driver, I’m not doing the best job in the world to protect the planet. But we entertain people in a good way. So, on my daily life, I just try to do things a little bit differently. If I can use my bicycle instead of taking my car to go to a meeting, I will do that if I can walk or run. Anything just to help the world with my little footprint I’ll just do it. I think it is in  every detail. Bring your shopping bag to the shopping center, don’t get plastic bags. That’s something in the US that that is not yet very developed. So, I always try to carry my shopping bag when I go to the shopping center. Just small details like this. But if everyone does those details, it’s going to be a big difference at the end.

Did you have the chance to drive electric cars in your real life?

Yes. I’ve been driving electric cars in my real life. They are very quiet, that’s very nice. The range is still a bit of an issue, especially in the US with such a big country. The distances are huge, so sometimes you get a little bit blocked, but electric cars are quite fun. They are powerful, they’re doing great. But I still think that the batteries need to be improved a little bit to be on our next cars.