R8G to support Acer Earthion

Updated livery for ACER VERO R8G cars

October 31, 2022

The upcoming Indy eX Prix at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on November 22 will be presented by ACER VERO R8G. The French team of IndyCar star Romain Grosjean has chosen their home event in the World eX Championship to change the sustainability project they are supporting by racing in the forward-thinking world championship for zero-emission sports cars.

While ACER VERO R8G had been promoting the Acer Humanity program since last year’s Indy eX Prix, the team will now support the Acer Earthion program. All four eX ZERO prototypes ACER VERO R8G will be entering at Indianapolis will feature an updated livery including the Acer Earthion trademarks.

With a commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG), Acer launched the Earthion program in 2021 and began working closely with suppliers and partners to bring eco-friendly initiatives into its supply chain ecosystem, with its primary focus on energy, product design, packaging design, production, logistics, and recycling. From product design to manufacturing, Acer say it is well aware of the environmental impacts behind these processes. The driving force behind Earthion is each member’s belief that its mutual collaboration can effectively create a positive impact on the environment.

As a manifestation of such efforts, Acer’s Vero line of eco-conscious devices was launched in 2021 to offer consumers greener options. Vero products intend to incorporate eco-friendly and recycled materials and are designed to extend their lifespans to reduce material consumption and reduce overall waste.

ACER VERO R8G will get four new eX ZERO cars for the race at Indianapolis with the “VERO 8” PRO entry being the 100th official eX ZERO created since the start of the #racingfortheclimate project.