#RCCO24 entry list published

World eX drivers competing in slot car race

August 10, 2022

The final entry list for the 28th running of the world's probably craziest 24-hour race has been published. Six teams will compete in the 2022 #RCCO24 at BILSTER BERG with six identical 1/24 scale eX ZERO electric prototypes. The teams and drivers are a nice mix from slot racing, esports racing and real racing. With Lasse Sørensen, Devin Braune and Nicolas Hillebrand, three regular drivers from the World eX Championship are competing in the #RCCO24. Five time Le Mans winner and former DTM Champion Frank Biela has entered an eX ZERO for Biela Racing Team EURONICS. He is also a five time winner of the #RCCO24 slot car race and a Team Princiap in the World eX Championship. "Electric renegade" Ellis Spiezia from the USA will also take part for the first time.

Two time World eX Bizz Champion Michael Niemas is competing for his own NReSports Alpha Bravo team. NReSports has doubled up as Daniel Bäumler's former Volkswagen Motorsport Team is now also running under the NReSports banner. 2019 RCCO Champion Eldert Hedden has rebranded his team Hedden Motors as ABT e-line. The most successful team of the #RCCO24 is tv racing with a total of 11 overall victories, the last however back in 2013. Axel W. Racing from the German North Sea is competing in the #RCCO24 for the first time.

The race starts on Saturday at 12:00 CEST and will be streamed live on Twitch.

#7 tv racing

Thomas Voigt (D)*

Mika Brokelmann (D)

Helmut Schmid (D)

Lasse Sørensen (DK)

Ellis Spiezia (USA)

#11 NReSports Alpha

Daniel Bäumler (D)*

Jürgen Jungklaus (D)

Lukas Hofmann (D)

Stefan Waschow (D)

#17 ABT e-line

Eldert Hedden(D)*

Jan Hedden (D)

Carsten Paulun (D)

Volker Paulun (D)

Björn Skottke (D)

#19 NReSports Bravo

Michael Niemas (D)*

Kai Matt (D)

Fola Osu (NGA)

Lennard Rau (D)

#45 Biela Racing Team EURONICS

Frank Biela (D)*

Devin Braune (D)

Nicolas Hillebrand (D)

Luisa Skottke (D)

#55 Axel W. Racing

Axel Woltmann (D)*

Tobias Brokelmann (D)

Artur Heller (D)

Stefan Lange (D

* Team Principals