Restart of the “big small” racing series at BILSTER BERG

#rcco24 from August 12 to 14, 2022

January 30, 2022

Finally the time has come! After COVID-19 paralyzed the slotcar scene for two years, the “big small” racing series dares the restart in 2022: From August 12 to 14, the 24-hour race #RCCO24 will take place at the BILSTER BERG. The champions of the 30th RCCO season will thus be crowned on a single weekend before the “big small” racing series is scheduled to return to normal operations in 2023.The “big little” race series has become part of the “World eX” brand, which was successfully launched in Esports Racing last year and reached more than 100 million fans worldwide in its debut season. The “big small” racing series was the birthplace of World eX: The 1,000 hp electric eX ZERO is based on the #VisionRCCO concept and the ABT Vision RCCO that has been successfully used in RCCO since 2016.Michael Niemas and Fola Osu are currently developing the slot car version of the eX ZERO, which will be used exclusively at #RCCO24 2022. Starting in 2023, electric concept cars that comply with the eX regulations from Esports Racing will be allowed in the “big small” racing series RCCO World eX Slotcar. “eX” stands for “Experimental Electric Prototype”.