eX ZERO – the sustainable beast

eX ZERO S7 Showcar

We’ve been brave enough to create our very own virtual electric racing car to promote zero-emission mobility and innovation. Our prototype is called the eX ZERO – ZERO stands for zero emissions, eX for “experimental”. The car was nicknamed as the “sustainable beast” by its development team in 2020 and has produced some stunning racing right from the word go.

Our eX ZERO has two electric motors generating up to 1,000 hp from a 85 kWh battery which currently is good for 15 minutes of flat-out, electrifying racing. Driving enjoyment and good racing have been the main focus during development of the eX ZERO.

“With World eX, we wanted to raise awareness for modern, sustainable mobility. And we wanted it to be fun to watch and to drive,” says Le Mans winner and DTM Champion Mike Rockenfeller, who was in charge of developing the eX ZERO. The result is a four-wheel drive electric racer with up to 1,000 hp at a weight of 1,000 kilograms, a top speed of up to 384 km/h and 0–200 km/h in 4.6 seconds

State-of-the-art technology includes a regen system that is familiar from Formula E and WEC, in which braking energy recharges the energy storage system. It also affects the handling of the car under braking and entering the corners. In terms of aerodynamics, emphasis was placed on ensuring that the vehicles remain unhindered in the slipstream and can overtake well.

“During the development process, it was important for us to work on the car’s dynamics during on-track battles, which is important for good racing, but at the same time also the performance and drivability,” says “Rocky”.

The car has an enhanced slipstream effectt which makes for great racing. It’s performance slots in between Formula 1 and Le Mans Hypercars. As a reference, the track record at Le Mans for the eX ZERO in full-power mode stands at 3m 07.236s.

The development took place in cooperation with experienced motorsport engineers, simulation specialists and “Rocky” himself. “I was able to contribute my experience from the DTM, sports car racing and Le Mans prototypes. When we defined the parameters, we looked into all of the existing car concepts and racing series.” As a result, the aerodynamic downforce is comparable to that of GTE sports cars. “The right balance of downforce and braking is very important. And with a slightly softer set-up and more ground clearance, we increased the mechanical grip. That makes overtaking easier.”

In Season 7 of World eX, the eX ZERO is used in a slightly tamed version with 900 hp instead of 1,000, ABS braking and updated aerodynamics. This makes the car much easier to control. In order to keep the effort low, World eX has opted for a fixed setup.

The eX ZERO was developed together with the specialists from Studio 397 for the rFactor 2 platform.

>> Get your own eX ZERO here: bit.ly/Steam_eXZERO

eX ZERO Spec Sheet

Category: eX (Experimental Prototype)
Carbon monocoque with integrated survival cell, central single seat
Total weight of the vehicle: 1,000 kg
Power: up to 1,000 hp
Two electric motors
Battery: 85 kWh – approx. 15 min. at racing speed
Up to 30% energy recovery during braking and idling
Sequential 2-speed carbon gearbox
F1 double wishbone suspension
Magnesium rims
Carbon brakes
Adjustable kinematics front and rear
Fully adjustable 4-way damper
Front and rear torsion bar side spring
Front and rear third element
Adjustable stabiliser front and rear
Extra low centre of gravity
54% Weight distribution front/rear axle
Vehicle length: 4,200 mm
Wheelbase: 2,520 mm
Width: 1,920 mm
Height: 960 mm
0–100 km/h: 2.3 seconds (full power mode)
0–200 km/h: 4.6 seconds (full power mode)
0–300 km/h: 9.5 seconds (full power mode)
Top speed: approx. 384 km/h (full power mode and with lowest downforce)