Ottaviani shines in pre-season testing

Season 7 of the RCCO World eX Championship kicks off on Tuesday, March 5, with the Motegi eX Prix in Japan. 

A new addition to the World eX community has caught the eye during pre-season testing with a spectacular driving style and blindingly fast lap times: professional sim racer Alessandro Ottaviani has been setting the pace and is the only driver so far to have broken the 1m 30s barrier. Three-time champion Julius Martin was second fastest despite missing all the official test sessions due to work commitments. Steffen Walter was third, followed by Devin Braune. As usual, the reigning champion did only a few laps. It will be interesting to see if he can match the pace of Alessandro Ottaviani. Defending AM class champion Thomas Voigt was leading the AM class, but the time of the whole field was close behind the fastest. It promises to be an exciting start to the season.

Nico Perrin, founder of the PERRINN 424 project, will be the guest of the World eX Bizz talk on Tuesday at 20:00 CET, just before the start of free practice.

Pre-Season Testing Motegi
1 Alessandro Ottaviani 1:30,9768
2 Julius Martin 1:31,3430
3 Steffen Walter 1:31,4227
4 Devin Braune 1:31,5642
5 Markus Martin 1:31,6736
6 Thomas Voigt 1:31,7568
7 Chris Overend 1:31,7773
8 Bodo Kraeling 1:31,8074
9 Bjoern Skottke 1:32,1936
10 Johannes Meinck 1:32,2545
11 Dominik Heussen 1:32,2661
12 Jurgen van Bergen 1:32,2852
13 Nicolas Hillebrand 1:32,3376
14 Patrik Barbulescu 1:32,3589
15 Frank Enger 1:32,5527