eX ZERO S7 Showcar

Let’s go! New World eX season starts on March 5

The framework for the new World eX season is in place: Season 7 of the world championship for virtual electric sports cars on rFactor 2 starts on March 5. A total of ten events will be held in 2024 with the electric eX ZERO, whose engine power has been increased from 800 to 900 hp compared to the previous season.

The RCCO, the organisers of the eX World Championship, have made a number of other subtle changes for Season 7. This year, there will be two races of different lengths at all events. The sprint race will last around twelve minutes and the eight fastest drivers from qualifying will start in reversed order. The length of the main race has been increased to approximately 24 minutes. Starting positions will be based on qualifying results.

The points system has been adjusted accordingly. For the main race, the Formula 1 system will be used, with 25 points for the winner and one point for tenth place. In the sprint race, points are awarded to the top eight, with the winner scoring ten points. An additional point is awarded for pole position.

The regular season consists of nine races. The best 16 results from a total of 18 races are counted. The final standings of the regular season determine the starting grid for the all-decisive Super Final at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, where the champions are crowned. For the first time, AM drivers will be placed behind all qualified PRO drivers on the grid for the Super Final shoot-out.

To qualify for the Super Final, drivers must have competed in at least three regular events.

The World eX Championship has the motto #RacingForTheClimate, which can be taken literally: For each participation in an eX Prix, the RCCO will plant a tree at the end of the season. For the 2023 season, a total of 130 trees will be planted. In general, young, fast-growing trees can absorb up to 22 kg of CO2 over ten to 20 years.

In Season 7 of World eX, the participants will also decide on which track the next eX Prix will be held. Voting for the next eX Prix takes place at the end of each race event. New this year, each eX Prix will have a special theme, such as ‘city racing’ or ‘oval racing’.

The theme for the season opener on 5 March is ‘Let’s go!’ Voting for the track will take place at the Meet & Drive event on 6 February.

World eX is different from other sim racing series. The series puts fun first. Winning is nice but not the priority. All competitors are talking to each other while driving. This is networking at highspeed and makes up for a unique atmosphere. The community members are all motorsport enthusiasts and interested in a sustainable future of motorsport. 

RCCO and World eX have found a new home. They are now part of Racing For The Climate e.V., a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting initiatives in motorsport aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.