World eX Bizz participants to win test drive in ABT Formula E simulator

Participants of the 2023 World eX Bizz virtual racing series can look forward to a very special prize: a test drive in the Formula E simulator from ABT Sportsline in Kempten will be raffled off among all drivers who qualify for the Super Final on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. 

ABT Sportsline has been a partner of the RCCO and #RacingForTheClimate for many years. The successful racing team was also involved in the development of the eX ZERO, which is used in World eX Bizz. Competing with the virtual electric sports car will thus enable one of the participants to get a test session with the Formula E Gen 3 racing car in ABT Sportsline’s new simulator at the end of the season.

Because fun and networking among like-minded people are in the foreground in the World eX Bizz and race victories and championship titles are secondary, the prize will not go to the champion, but will be raffled among all Super Final participants. The same principle will be applied to any other prizes.

Entries for World eX Bizz are now open. Anyone who is professionally or privately involved with the topics of motorsport, Esports Racing, mobility or climate protection, promotes these and is a member of the #RacingForTheClimate initiative is welcome to compete in World eX Bizz. Registration is possible via

#RacingForTheClimate is a non-profit initiative which wants to contribute that motorsport remains relevant and accepted by the society while also respecting the Global Goals, especially No. 13: combating the climate change. Memberships are free of charge and by invitation only. 

For season 6, there are further innovations that promote the community spirit. Only the racetracks for the season opener (Bahrain), the mid-season event (Maastricht), the season finale (Indy Oval) and the Super Ffinal (Nürburgring-Nordschleife) have been determined in advance by the RCCO. For all other eX Prixs, the RCCO proposes three racetracks each. The Bizz participants can vote on which racetrack will be raced next.

Also new: For each participation in an eX Prix, the RCCO plants a tree – racing for the climate is thus to be understood literally.

Three trees – in other words, three starts at an eX Prix – are a prerequisite for qualifying for the Super Final and having the chance to win the test drive in the Formula E simulator from ABT Sportsline. This means that even drivers who only enter World eX Bizz in the course of the season can still qualify for the Super Final.

Since many of the Bizz participants are very busy at work, only 16 of the 20 rounds will count towards the championship. As a consequence it is no problem to skip an eX Prix once in a while. Last but not least, the title will only be decided in the Super Final on the Nordschleife. The starting grid corresponds to the championship standings after the last regular race. Whoever wins the Super Final or is the best in his class will also secure the title. The test drive in the Formula E simulator will be raffled off afterwards.

The season opens on March 7 at 20:00 CET with two night races in Bahrain. The defending champion is Julius Martin, last year’s race director of the World eX Championship.