Julius Martin dethrones Michael Niemas

The new champion of the RCCO E-Sport Series is Julius Martin. The 27-year-old automotive engineer from Dresden won the Superfinal at Le Mans with his eX ZERO and is thus the successor to model artist Michael Niemas, who had secured the first two titles in the business racing series.

The motto of the RCCO E-Sport Series is “Networking at Highspeed”. Every Monday, interesting people from motorsport, Esports racing and the mobility industry meet with parts of the World eX organising team and guest drivers to exchange ideas and share virtual races with electric concept cars. Once a month, a championship race with a ten-minute qualifying session and two sprint races are on the agenda. Motorsport photographer Bodo Kräling provides fascinating photos, and there are summaries of the most exciting race scenes on YouTube.

The new champion has been a big motorsport fan since childhood. The result: a degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on automotive technology. In addition, the development engineer is currently working on a software solution to visualise COemissions. “This has made me look more and more into sustainability,” says Martin, who is a big fan of the all-electric eX ZERO: “I enjoy the car extremely much.”

In the RCCO E-Sport Series, Martin, who also competed in the DTM Esports Series, was the driver to beat in his first full season. The rookie won two of the ten races, only once failing to make it onto the podium. In the all-important Super Final at Le Mans, he remained faultless and also benefited from the fact that his rivals hindered each other – for example Andre Dietzel and Steffen Walter (both tv racing), who in the end had to settle for second and third in the final standings.

New name from 2022: World eX Bizz

The RCCO E-Sport Series was the first activity of the RCCO (Racing Concept Cars Organisation) in esports – initially with the Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo on the Playstation, and since 2021 with the RCCO-developed eX ZERO on the rFactor 2 platform. 

In 2022, the still young race series will get a new name: World eX Bizz. The term “Bizz” stands for business – and that’s exactly what Networking @ Highspeed is all about: cultivating business contacts in a fun way. A concept that has already worked very well for 30 years in the “big small” slot car racing series RCCO and has established many business contacts and friendships.

Not only the name is changing: The eX ZERO will be easier to drive in World eX Bizz than in the World Championship. A handicap system is intended to ensure that newcomers and drivers with little time to practice also have fun in the virtual races. While the RCCO E-Sport Series was a networking platform for the German-speaking market, World eX Bizz is opening up to the international scene in keeping with its new name. Employees and partners of the teams from the World Championship are also cordially invited.  

The concept of World eX Bizz will be presented at the beginning of January. The season will kick off on 7 February 2022.

Le Mans, Superfinal

1st Julius Martin (Martin Racing Team) 3 laps in 9m 36.352s.

2nd Andre Dietzel (tv racing) + 7.534 sec.

3rd Michael Niemas (NReSports) + 8.154 sec.

4. Dominik Heußen (nikdom) + 15,950 sec.

5th Stefan Waschow (NReSports) + 17,252 sec.

6th Bodo Kräling (bspowersports) + 25,558 sec.

Fastest lap: Julius Martin (Martin Racing Team) 3m 11.977s.

Final standings of the RCCO E-Sport Series (season 3) after 10 races:

1st Julius Martin (Martin Racing Team) 

2. Andre Dietzel (tv racing) 

3 Steffen Walter (tv racing)

4 Dominik Heußen (nikdom) 

5. Michael Niemas (NReSports)

6. Thomas Voigt (tv racing)

7. bodo Kräling (bspowersports)

8. Stefan Waschow (NReSports)

9. Björn Skottke (bspowersports)

10. Matthias Franzen (tv racing)