Impressive debut by Michael Bräutigam

Before the Season 3 Super Final, two more championship rounds took place on the Grand Prix circuit of the Hockenheimring, which were dominated by one driver: Michael Bräutigam. The journalist has already proven his class in numerous guest starts in real motorsport, has been active in Esports Racing for 14 years and is undoubtedly one of the fastest in the virtual world. He proved this with two commanding victories at the partly wet Hockenheimring – in the second race with Reversed Grid even coming from the last grid position. “Thank you very much for letting me be part of it,” said Bräutigam. “I had no experience with rFactor 2 before and also not with an electric racing car. It was very interesting and I’m happy to take part again.”


Hockenheim, Race 1

1st Michael Bräutigam (AvD) 10 laps in 13.57,482 min.

2nd Steffen Walter (tv racing) + 18.192 sec.

3rd Julius Martin (Martin Racing Team) + 21.609 sec.

4th Michael Niemas (NReSports) + 24.148 sec.

5th Thomas Voigt (tv racing) + 35.165 sec.

6th Bodo Kräling (bspowersports) + 35.335 sec.

Pole position: Michael Bräutigam (AvD) 1.20,982 min.

Fastest lap: Michael Bräutigam (AvD) 1m 21.754s.

Hockenheim, Race 2

1st Michael Bräutigam (AvD) 10 laps in 14.15,531 min.

2nd Julius Martin (Martin Racing Team) + 6.053 sec.

3rd Andre Dietzel (tv racing) + 8.478 sec.

4. Dominik Heußen (nikdom) + 9,922 sec.

5th Bodo Kräling (bspowersports) + 18,464 sec.

6th Björn Skottke (bspowersports) + 20,416 sec.

Fastest lap: Michael Niemas (NReSports) 1m 21.902s.