1,000 electric hp for 2021 RCCO E-Sport Series

“Networking @ Highspeed” is the motto of the RCCO E-Sport Series. The virtual counterpart to the “big small” RCCO slot car racing series was held for the first time in 2020. Season 2 begins on January 18, 2021 – and with two innovations: The RCCO community is switching from PlayStation to PC and from the Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo to the new eX ZERO.

The 1,000 hp electric race car was developed by RCCO E-Sport AG for the new RCCO World eX Championship, which starts at the end of February. On board: professional racers like Romain Grosjean and the world’s fastest Esports racing specialists.

The RCCO E-Sport Series has a different target audience. “The RCCO stands for networking of a different kind,” says RCCO founder Thomas Voigt. “For 30 years, our slot car races have featured exciting people from motorsports, the automotive industry, marketing and the media. It should be the same with the RCCO E-Sport Series. It’s not a racing series for professionals, but it’s still a lot of fun.”

“It’s great that the RCCO also appeals to this target group,” says Marcel Offermanns, CEO of rFactor 2 developer Studio 397. “Participants will have a lot of fun with the eX ZERO. It’s a real driving machine – electric racing in the extreme.”

The RCCO E-Sport Series is the first racing series officially licensed to use the eX ZERO. The first two races will take place before the RCCO World eX Championship kicks off. In total, season two will consist of five events from January to May with a total of ten races and a Super Final on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. Season three will be held from August to December.

Michael Niemas from Team Niemas Racecars eSports will be the defending champion. Due to the system change, the starting field will change somewhat compared to the premiere season. In the process, former RCCO Slotcar Series participants such as Volkswagen communicator Andre Dietzel and motorsport photographer Bodo Kräling will find their way back to the RCCO. “And this time I don’t have to drive from the Sauerland region to Hamburg and back every time to do it,” Kräling says with a wink. 

A maximum of 22 vehicles are allowed in the RCCO E-Sport Series races. Priority will be given to drivers who have registered by January 1, 2021. Two starting places are reserved for guest drivers. All races will be streamed live. Commentator will be Oliver Sittler.

Potential newcomers to the industry will be interested in weekly “taster courses”, which will be held on Mondays from 8 p.m. until the start of the season.

Dates RCCO E-Sport Series Season 2:

18.01. Zandvoort (Formula 1 2020)

08.02. Sebring

08.03. Estoril

19.04. Berlin (Formula E)

10.05. Nürburgring (Grand Prix) + Superfinal Nordschleife