Waschow unbeatable at Spa

At the finale of the regular RCCO E-Sport Season at Spa, Stefan Waschow was unbeatable, although he was unhappy with his Audi e-tron Gran Turismo. “The car was completely unpredictable this time,” marveled Waschow, who subsequently made several small mistakes on the Nordschleife in the first lap that temporarily dropped him to third place behind Björn Skottke. “The concentration was not so given with me today,” Waschow said. “Fortunately, I had a close fight with ‘Skottie’ which was a lot of fun.”

Skottke finished fourth overall behind Michael Niemas, Stefan Waschow and guest starter Nico Müller. Fifth place went to Steffen Walter, who finished third in both races at Spa. The top eight were completed by Matthias Franzen, Bettina Schuller and Thomas Voigt, who showed a strong performance at the end of the season and even led the field at times.