Monza double victory for Michael Niemas

Michael Niemas is back: After having to admit defeat to his teammate Stefan Waschow three times in a row in the RCCO E-Sport Series, the championship leader celebrated two commanding victories on the high-speed circuit at Monza. Niemas again competed with a controller at Monza because the steering wheel of his current sim rig is not compatible with the PlayStation 4. 

In both races, the two Niemas Racecars eSports drivers were close at times. But while Niemas remained flawless in each of the 9-lap races, Waschow made a few blunders. In the first race he finished almost six seconds behind Niemas in second place. In the second race he had to let go not only Niemas, but also Björn Skottke (bspowersports) and after a mistake in the last corner also guest driver Steffen Walter, who had previously fought a hard duel with RCCO record champion Thomas Voigt (tv racing).

The strongest performance next to Michael Niemas was shown at Monza by Björn Skottke, who won the qualifying race and finished on the podium in both races. 

So far, Michael Niemas, Stefan Waschow, Bjlörn Skottke, Matthias Franzen and Thomas Voigt have qualified for the Super Final on November 2.