Double victory for Stefan Waschow

For 30 years, the RCCO has been conveying the fascination of electric mobility. While the slot cars of the “big small” racing series remain in the garage this year due to the Corona pandemic, the new RCCO E-Sport Series extends the idea of the slot car racing series into the virtual world. Once a month, RCCO participants and guests from racing and the world of mobility meet to race the electric Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo – and, of course, to network.

The man of the moment on the virtual racetracks of the RCCO E-Sport Series is currently Stefan Waschow. The development engineer at ACPS Automotive GmbH confidently won both races at Bathurst (Australia) on Monday evening. “We finally raced on my favorite track,” said Waschow, who also won the qualifying race and set the fastest lap in both races.

In the first race, Waschow celebrated a commanding start-finish victory despite spinning in the meantime. “I don’t know why the car suddenly spun away,” said Waschow. In the second race with a reversed starting grid and virtual tire wear, Waschow needed less than three laps to work his way forward from last place on the grid into the top three. He then engaged in a gripping three-way battle with his teammate at Niemas Racecars eSports, Michael Niemas, and Matthias Franzen. After several touches between the three, the preliminary decision was made when Michael Niemas missed the pit entry during a tire change and thus dropped back to third place.

Behind Waschow, things were pretty colorful. With Bettina Schuller, guest driver Steffen Walter, Michael Niemas and Matthias Franzen, the other podium positions went to four different drivers. An impressive comeback was achieved by “Fast Betty” Schuller, who was back at the wheel of the virtual Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo for the first time since the end of the #RaceHome event series. In the first race, she finished third just behind Steffen Walter. In the second race, she still finished fourth despite a few scuffles and shout-outs.

Björn Skottke had a black day and after several collisions had to settle for eighth and ninth places, which were unusual for him.