Niemas Racecars eSports dominates again

Michael Niemas and Stefan Waschow from the new Niemas Racecars eSports team continue to set the tone in the RCCO E-Sport Series. On the virtual Grand Prix circuit at Brands Hatch, the Niemas duo celebrated 1-2 victories in both races. In the first race, Michael Niemas won after a mistake by his teammate. In the second race, Waschow clearly beat Niemas, who continues to drive with a controller on the PlayStation.

“This was a great debut for our new partner Haku Mana,” said team founder Michael Niemas. The two Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo cars competed for the first time at the Brands Hatch race in the colors of Cool Solutions GmbH’s new Corona Killer from long-time RCCO partner Gary Hassler. According to Hassler, the alcohol-based solution breaks down the outer shell of corona viruses and eliminates them instantly.

Björn Skottke and Matthias Franzen completed the two podiums at Brands Hatch. “Skottie” finished third in the first race, Franzen in the second. 

In the first race, Thomas Voigt edged out Matthias Franzen in a hard-fought duel for fourth place. The decision was not made until the last corner. In the second race, Voigt had to settle for fifth place behind Niemas, Waschow, Franzen and Skottke.

The RCCO E-Sport Series continues on September 7.