Stefan Waschow new second in the standings

After Michael Niemas and #RaceHome Champion Nico Müller, Stefan Waschow from Team Phoenix Racing has become the third driver having won more than one race in the new RCCO E-Sport Series.

At the famous race track of Laguna Seca (USA), guest driver Steffen Walter alias “Delphinho” was in a class of his own at first. The software developer from Langenfeld, known from the RCCO Charity Racing Series #RaceHome, dominated the qualifying sprint and the first race at his first appearance in the RCCO E-Sport Series.

In the second race, however, the guest starter had to settle for third place. As winner of the first race, Walter started from last place on the grid. Helped by a pile-up in Turn 1, he only needed one lap to get to the front of the field. However, due to two driving errors, Walter then dropped back to fifth place at times.

The main beneficiary was Stefan Waschow, who took the lead on the second lap and then continued to pull away from his pursuers. “Stefan drove extraterrestrially,” said Matthias Franzen, who narrowly defended second place for Walter in a photo finish.

Michael Niemas missed the podium at a race of the RCCO E-Sport Series for the first time after finishing third in the first race as fourth in the second race. Due to technical problems with his steering wheel, the leader of the standings had to use a controller.

Stefan Waschow improved to second place in the standings with his second victory.