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World eX Bizz

World eX Bizz is the virtual esports racing series meaning business – created for hobby racers and not for esports professionals. The little sister of the World eX Championship is reserved for people working in motor racing, mobility, technology, climate protection and esports racing who are supporting the #RacingForTheClimate initiative. You will meet and talk to interesting business ("Bizz") people and enjoy the stunning all-electric eX ZERO. If you want to take part in our series just send your enquiry to bizz@rcco.ag.

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This is World eX Bizz

>> Meet members of the #RacingForTheClimate initative and interesting guests
>> Enjoy the nice side of competition and esports racing: fun is more important than race wins and titles
>> Race the stunning all-electric eX ZERO known from the World eX Championship in a tamed eX2 version: 800 instead of 1,000 hp, ABS
>> Two categories depending on the drivers’ talent and performance: PRO and AM
>> Wild card drivers from real racing and esports racing
>> No entry fees!
>> Every Tuesday from 20:00 CET: testing, and networking (via Discord)
>> Every first Tuesday of a month is Race Day including the Bizz Talk with interesting guests from real and esports racing
>> Each event with Qualifying and two races (the second one with reversed grid for the top ten of Race 1)
>> Points from 16 of the 20 races counting towards the Championship to minimize the impact of missed events
>> Championship-deciding Super Final on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife for all drivers with minimum one podium finish in their category

10 Bizz events, 20 races, 1 Super Final

World eX Bizz

For Season 6 World eX Bizz will return to its original format, spanning over the full motorsport season. Season 6 runs from March to December 2023. The season consists of ten monthly events. Each event starts with an interesting guest in the World eX Bizz Talk. Free practice is followed by a 10-minute qualifying session with the fastest driver grabbing pole position for Race 1. The starting order for Race 2 is defined by the result of Race 1, with the top 10 starting in reversed order. This creates some interesting overtaking and gives the AM drivers a good chance to fight for overall podiums. All drivers can see each other and talk to each other via Zoom creating the very special spirit of World eX Bizz which is more about having fun and chats with great personalities than race wins and titles.

The season will start with a night race on the Bahrain International Circuit and will come to a climax on the world's most longest and most demanding race track: the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. A mid-season race on the spectacular Maastricht City Circuit and the Final on the oval of Indianapolis are also set. All other venues will be decided by the competitors after each World eX Bizz event.

Every Tuesday: Meet & Drive

World eX Bizz

The official World eX Bizz races are happening monthly on the first Tuesday of a month but we are meeting and driving the eX ZERO on a regular basis. Every Tuesday evening is reserved for our Bizz competitors. From 20:00 CET we are talking via Discord, practicing and staging fun races to improve our driving. Our Bizz competitors are helping each other to reach a better level and it happens that real-world PRO racing drivers and esports racers are part of the "Meet & Drive" evenings.

Bizz Talk with interesting personalities

World eX Bizz

The first Tuesday of each month is Race Day in World eX Bizz. And each of our race days begins at 20:00 CET with an exclusive talk with an interesting personality working in motor racing, mobility, technology, climate protection or esports racing. Our main topics are #RacingForTheClimate and #DrivingTheFuture and we've already enjoyed many interesting discussions with high-calibre guests. And it is by no means a one-way conservation: World eX Bizz competitors can talk directly with our guests.

We are racing for the climate

World eX Bizz

World eX Bizz is part of the #RacingForTheClimate initiative. Our participants are aware of the climate crisis and the need to act. We want to make a small contribution to climate protection. We are proving that races with emission-free racing cars can be as fascinating as races with conventional drives. We are encouraging all our participants to actively support a climate protection initiative and show their support by displaying the logos on their virtual race cars or even create a special livery inspired by a climate protection theme.

Every Bizz entry plants a tree

World eX Bizz

If you are competing in World eX Bizz you are racing for the climate – literally: For every participation in one of our eX Prix's we will be planting a tree. The more entries we get the more trees we will plant. For example: If 20 drivers are competing in an eX Prix, we will be planting 20 trees.

Why is it so good to plant trees? Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity. Forests absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines. Every additional tree helps to reduce our carbon footprint and we are glad to contribute a little piece with World eX Bizz and #RacingFortheClimate.

Prizes you can't buy

World eX Bizz

World eX Bizz is first of all about fun, networking and meeting great people. It's secondary who is winning the races and the PRO and AM championship titles. That's why we have a unique system how to award prizes. We will have a nice give-away for each event which will be raffled among all participants of a World eX Bizz event – completely independent of the race results,

The logic is similar for the end-of-the-season awards: expect some stunning prizes you can't buy. Watch this place for updates!

From the Playstation to rFactor 2

The DNA of World eX Bizz comes from the "big small" slotracing series RCCO which was founded in 1991 by Thomas Voigt and has become one of the most popular slotracing series in the world. The motorsport industry was involved in the series right from the start including regular guest entries from popular real-world racing drivers and many events of the series taking place at popular racing events like Formula E, DTM or World Rallycross. The aim was always to bring together interesting people from the motorsport business, mobility, marketing and media.

With the growing popularity of esports racing, the RCCO decided to bring the spirit of the RCCO Slotracing Series into the virtual world. The RCCO E-Sport Series was launched in 2020 racing the Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo on the Playstation. RCCO slotracing ace and model car artist Michael Niemas became the first RCCO esports racing champion who successfully defended the title in Season 2 when the series switched to rFactor 2 and the all-electric eX ZERO.

Niemas defeated Andre Dietzel from Volkswagen Communications in the title-deciding Super Finale on the famous Nürburgring-Nordschleife in Season 2 while automotive engineer and World eX Race Director Julius Martin clinched the Season 3 tile winning the Super Final at Le Mans.

It was copy-paste for Julius Martin in 2022 when he also clinched the Season 4 and Season 5 titles with Stefan Waschow and Markus Martin winning the first Bizz AM titles.

Season 6 of World eX Bizz will begin on March 7 with the Bahrain eX Prix.


Michael NIEMAS
Michael NIEMAS

INDY ex prix
05/12/2023 20:00 CET


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